Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2013 wishlist!

Hi assalamualaikum to u olz, to me n myself, and I..
this new entry for this new year 0f 2013, its alittle bit late because this month will be end in few days,
but its ok, its never stop me to share my wish list for this year..

What i dream to have for this year ya..?ermm...

  • I want to get my own career since i'm a job hunter now..i wish to have a good job!!
  • after i get a job, i want to settle my debt to ptptn immediately!! its gonna be my nightmare if the debt not settle yet..fuf, so burden me!! so to others, pliz to not get involve with debt!
  •  I got trip to Bandung!! i need to saving my money and will be there for shopping!! this will be my 1st family trip to overseas..even thought it is just Bandung, im feel so excited to go there! especially with my mak, abah, lia and with his future husband. it will be on 29now till 2nd Dec if im not mistaken..i'll chech it later..hee =)
  • then i need to saving more for nex year trip to Scotland!! wowowow, afaf said ticket flight is about MYR4000 go and back..fuf, i need spend lotss of money!! so right after i get job and my first salary i need to calculate all my money properly!!
  • I really need a job!!!
  • wow, i plan to go there and there, so what i need the most is PASSPORT.. if not I wiil be like illegal foreigner/immigrant..?urghhh..
  • its all about moneY!monEY!moNEY!mONEY!MONEY!!! $$$$$$
  • I will be a gud reader..i want try to be a book lover, especially in english, so it can improve my vocabulary!!and need to watch movie more to hear and try to speak like others..hii..can it be like that..? err..what everrrr..
  • I want the purse from VINCI!! no matter what that purse that i dream to have will be mine later!!
  • I want a bag that can fit with my A4 size file/lappy/whatever stuff that i can throw into it..but i never try to find it yet..heee =X
  • and the last but not least!! I need to think more what I need for this year..please, give me some time to think..hahaha..i think like crazy!!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Oh instant Noodle!

FYI, i am d one who always craving to eat this instant noodle..since i'm in year 6.. until i found some1 that do not like to eat this food, and i know it not good to our health so then i reduce to take this food.
and now,i already get bored with this food..yeah!!!

i think we all know and noticed that while we cooking that instant noodle,we will find that the water that we use  to boil the noodle will get oily right..?
that is because the wax that contain at the instant noodle that use to make it separate when it get cooked.
and surely that wax is not good to our health!
and the MSG that provide as ingredient powder also will harm our body, even it give small effect..

so now, i want to share the right way for u to cook the instant noodle before it harm u more..=)

1.boil the noodle in a pot with water.

2.after the noodle get cooked, take out the noodle and use the new water..
  *because the 1st boiling water already contain lotttsss of wax..we want to reduce it more..

3.Add the MSG to your noodle
   *make sure that your water did not reach the boiling point of the water
     because there are some fact told that the MSG will become toxic when u boil it with hot water..
     up to you if u want to trust o not..=)

4. then stir it, and serve it to your mouth!!hmm..nyummyy...

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

< i'm Miss bola-Bola >

hii..da ade hobi yang bez..wat cik bola2 tuk kawan2 ika..hii..ttbe dpt ide tgh2 mlm bute, sebab waktu mlm gelap, so bler gelap org tak nmpak..tu yg dipanggil malam bute..haha..tpu2..opss..bkn org kate pagi2 bute ke..? alamak silap kot..
haha.. lari topic da..
ika da berjaya siap 1 cik bola2!! yg 1st ni ika wat tuk k.risya, sebab rini nk date ngn k.risha..hee..eppy da berjaye buat!! weee =D

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Anak Mak ke..?

hii..sure la kn..da dilahirkan oleh seorang ibu ofcoz la anak mak ngn abah..
haha..tapikan, ttbe harini baru perasan, perangai degil aku ni keturunan dari mak i..haha..
gedix lak ttbe..aishhh..
sebab ape i baru notice about that..? msti nk taw kn..
ha..sebab tetibe teringat perangai mak yang comeyl.. nk citer kat cnie sal perangai mak yang comeyl tu, sebab kdg owg xrase comeyl pon, t org anggap buruk lak..
xnk3...no3..xde siape leyh kate sal mak kiter ea...